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  • What sizes do you offer?
    Monster and Co. offers a wide range of sizes to fit all little monsters, big or small! A handy size guide can be found on all our product pages.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We are based in London, United Kingdom and we offer worldwide shipping! So no matter where you are in the world, you can spoil your little monsters with some new accessories!
  • How much is shipping?
    We are based in London, U.K. and the cost of shipping will vary depending on the amount of product you have ordered and the destination. Cost of shipping will be calculated at check out before you enter your payment details. *FREE UK shipping on orders over £30 *FREE worldwide shipping on orders over £50
  • When will my order arrive?
    Please understand some of our products are handmade to order which may take a little longer, but we aim to have your orders processed and dispatched within 5 working days. You will receive an email confirmation once your order have been shipped! Shipping time will depend on where the parcel is heading to: Domestic, U.K., shipping will take up to 3-5 working days. International shipping will take up to 7-14 working days.
  • What types of payments do you accept?
    We accept credit/debit card payments through Stripe and Alipay as well as Paypal.
  • Cancellations, Refunds and Returns"
    Please visit our Shipping & Returns for our return policies and more information regarding cancellation and exchange of products.
  • Are your products eco-friendly?
    We are continuously finding ways to make our brand more eco-friendly and sustainable! We only use 100% eco-friendly fabrics for all our products, our packaging materials are also 100% recyclable so you can be confident that you are doing your part for the environment whilst your little monster shows off their new accessories!
  • Do you supply wholesale?
    Yes, we do! We are always happy to supply wholesale for pet supply stores and individual boutiques. Please feel free to send us an email at for more information!
  • Do you have a retail store?
    We don't have an actual retail store but we do sell our products in our salon in Muswell Hill, London! But even though our full range is only available here on our website, we do also attend multiple markets around the UK occasionally. Follow us on Instagram to know where we'll be next!
  • Where is the salon located?
    Our salon is located in Muswell Hill, London on St. James Lane, N103QX. We are on the parkwalk in between Highgate Woods and Alexandra Park so your little momsters can have a fun-filled walk before or after their grooming appointment!
  • How much does a groom cost?
    Depending on what you'd like done on your little monster's appointment the cost may vary. The price we quote through the phone and email is based on size and the amount of time it will take to complete the groom, assuming that your dog is the average size of it's breed standard, does not have any aggression history in grooming, and has a healthy, matt-free coat. Any changes or addition to the price will always be notified when checking in your dog, or if we deem that it will take a longer time due to matts or your dog's stress level changes during the groom you will be notified on the phone.
  • Which breeds do you groom?
    We do not groom any dogs that are banned under the Dangers Dogs Act including but not limited to: Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro. While we aim to be able to groom as many breeds as possible, please understand that because we groom your dog on a one-to-one basis, we may not be able to groom certain dogs that require two people. Please inform us if your dog may need two people and we will make sure there are two people in for your dog's appointment or if that is not possible we will always do our best to refer you to other small, independent, local groomers who may be a more suitable fit for you and your dog!
  • Can I stay and watch the groom?
    Unfortunately no. While our insurance does not cover this, we also understand you may be nervous to leave your dog for the first time. We will be more than happy to take photos and videos of your dog's groom for you while they are in our care, but owners will not be allowed to stay and watch. With the exception of if your dog displays signs of aggression or extreme stress, we may ask you to stay and re-assure your dog if we deem neccessary for the welfare of your dog.
  • How long is a groom?
    The duration of your dog's groom will depend on the service it is getting, the size and temperament of your dog. We will always give you a pick up time when checking in and/or give you a ring when your little monster is ready to be picked up!
  • Can we do Walk-In appointments?
    Unfortunately we do not offer any walk - in appointmens as of now. Due to running both the salon and a handmade accessories store, we are only taking appointments by bookings and this includes nail trimming. Please give us a call at 07460573988 or send us an email at to make an appointment!
  • Will there be other dogs in the salon?
    Working on a one-to-one basis means your dog receives 100% of my attention when they are being groomed. If you have multiple dogs booked in to be groomed on the same day, you are more than welcome to drop them all off at the same time. There is fresh water, clean bedding and lots of toys for them to entertain themselves with while they are waiting to be groomed! You might also meet our little monster, Mushu the Keeshond, hanging out in the salon as I may bring him in with me on occassion. If your dog does not get along with other dogs, please do let me know prior to your appointment to avoid any unneccessary stress for your dog.
  • What happens if my dog hates grooming?
    Not all dogs enjoy being groomed - some love it, some tolerates it, and some just hates it. However, we believe that it is important for dogs to learn to tolerate grooming at the least becuase it is a majoy part of their lives and it should be as stress-free as possible. If your dog hates being groomed or have had negative experiences before, please let us know and we will do our best to help. Being an independent and one-to-one groomer means we can spend the time to create a bond and relationship based on trust with your dog as a groomer and a friend! Having your dog trust us is the key! For dogs with a hisotry of aggression or have been turned away from other groomers, we are most happy to do freework sessions and trusting exercises in relation to grooming to get them used to being groomed and to tolerate it at the least. We recommend taking it slow and introducing them to grooming again from the beginning similar to how we introduce puppies - this will mostly involve frequent short visits to the salon for introductory sessions. Each dog is different and may require a different approach to help them on their way to a happier grooming experience. If this is the case with your dog, please contact us at 07460573988 and we are more than happy to chat about what your dog may require and create a plan specifically for your dog! The price for our freework session is based on the length of each session and how many sessions we feel your dog may need. We will work out a quote for you (based on £20/hour) after we get to know a little morme about your dog and it's needs!
  • What is freework?
    A freework session allows us to observe your dog and it's behaviour while they explore the salon at their own pace, this is especially useful for us if your dog is nervous or have had a history of aggression when it comes to grooming. These sessions will usually involve a variety of toys, snuffle mats, surfaces, as well as treats for us to understand which they reacts to postively and which they do not like. By observing their patterns of behaviour with different objects, smells, and treats it helps us determine what to do next.






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