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Terms and Conditions

All clients are required to fill and sign a grooming contract and declaration upon arrival to their appointment. We kindly ask that all information provided are up to date and correct. Please also inform us of any changes to your pet's health and requirements in order for us to keep up to date with your pets records and provide the best grooming experience as we can. 


When your dog is under our care, their health and welfare is our main priority and concern. Should we believe your dog is experiencing and showing severe signs of stress, we will do our best to remedy this in the best interest of your pet. This may result in extra time and/or additional sessions to complete their groom.


When checking in your dog with us on the day of your appointment, please allow 5-10 minutes for us to conduct a thorough check of your dog's "visible" health and coat to ensure it is not matted. This is also the time where we will discuss your needs and expectations of your dog's groom. During the check in process, we will also require information regarding you and your pet, please ensure all information you provide are in full and correct.   


Owners verify their dogs are up to date with their vaccinations and able to provide proof of vaccinations if requested. Correct information of any existing medical conditions of your pet should also be provided during the check in process. 

It is possible for us to discover pre-existing medical conditions whilst your dog is being groomed. You, as the owner, will always be informed of anything we discover in order for you to seek veterinary advice. We are not certified to diagnose any medical conditions, we can only advise you to seek veterinary help.


We strive to keep our salon clean and flea/parasite free. Please ensure your dogs are up to date with flea and worming treatments. If fleas are found on your dog prior to your appointment, please be honest and inform us, we will reschedule your appointment to the next available date after the fleas are treated. If fleas are found on your dog during it's consultation and coat check, we reserve the right to refuse your groom and reschedule to the next available date after the fleas are treated. If fleas are found on your dog during it's groom, you will be notified and an additional £10 fee will be added to you bill. This is a result of us having to bath your pet in flea shampoo along with all other pets coming in after your appointment on the same day and to sterilise the entire salon, including all equipments to keep our salon free of fleas. 


Elderly dogs are most welcome but at the owner's own risk. We will always provide extra attention, love, and time for your elderly dogs. Please ensure any information given regarding your dog's medical conditions are disclose in full and are correct.  


We require all puppies to be fully vaccinated before coming in for their first grooming appointment. Please note, It is advised to wait a minimum of two weeks after your puppies' last set of vaccinations before their first appointment. 


Grooming equipments are sharp and although very rarely, accidents are a possibility during grooming. These may include cuts, scratches, and trimming of the quick. Whilst your pet is being groomed, we make every effort to ensure they are done so as safely as possible with our up most care and attention and all risks are assessed. Injuries are a higher risk to stressed, aggressive, and fidgety dogs. We reserve the right to stop grooming if we deem that the risk of injuring your dog is too high. This may result in an unfinished groom and/or requiring a second grooming session with your dog. Extra charges may apply. 

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you give us authorisation to bring your pet to the nearest vet if they should require emergency veterinary care. These may be a result of old age and/or pre-existing medical conditions. You will always be contacted immediately. If we are not able to get in contact with you, any veterinary charges will be billed to the owner in addition to grooming charges. 

We are not held liable for any accidents occurring in the premises of the salon.



We always practice putting your pet's welfare over vanity.

Long haired breeds require brushing and grooming on a regular basis. Dogs with neglected coats resulting in matts can have underlying health issues due to the tight matts bound to their skin. This may includes soreness, redness and blood blisters known as Hematoma.


In compliance to the Animal Welfare Act 2006, we will not de-matt any coat requiring more than 15 minutes as it will cause the dog unnecessary stress and discomfort. Otherwise, in order to remove tight matts in the most humane method, your dog may be shaved off close to the skin completely in order to release tight matts or only in areas where matts are severe. An extra de-matting fee, up to £20, will be charged in addition to any other grooming services. This cost will be determined by the severity of the matts and will be notified upon checking in to your appointment. We will require your signed consent and permission remove any matting. 


The safety and well being of both your pet and ourselves as groomers are our main priority. We reserve the right to muzzle your dog if we deem necessary as a last resort. We also reserve the right to refuse grooming your dog and/or stop the grooming process if we believe it may cause injury to itself or any members of our staff. 


Owners are held responsible for their dog's behaviour and aggression under the Danger Dogs Acts. Please ensure to inform us prior to the groom if your dog has a history of biting and/or aggression.   

We will not groom any dog that is, or is crossed with a Pit Bull Terrier, dogo Argentino, Perro De Presa Canario, Dogo Canario, Japanese Tosa, Fila Brasileiro, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Saarloos Wolfhound/wolfdog or with any wolf hybrid. We will not groom any dogs that must be registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and/or the Dangerous Dogs Act 1997.


We do not express anal glands in the salon, this is a veterinary procedure. Please contact your registered veterinary practice for this service.


It has been determined in recent years that ear plucking can cause microscopic tear in the ear canal and allowing bacteria to enter into opened pores left by removal of hairs which can result in an infection. We will only carry out ear plucking services if requested and deemed necessary by us. 


If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please let us know at least 48 hours before your appointment. We understand that under some circumstances you may not be able to give us 48 hours, in this case we will do our best to fit you in our next available slot. 


If you are unable to make your appointment and failed to give us 48 hours notice, you may be asked for a deposit of half the price of your groom with your next booking. This is simply to ensure you attend your next appointment and our time won't be put to waste.   


Prices we quote are made based on your dog's size, the time needed to groom and in the assumption that:

Your dog's coat is well maintained and free from matts, knots and tangles.

Your dog is well behaved and shows no signs of aggression.

Your dog is at an average weight and size in accordance to their breed standard.

Additional charges may be a result of:

Additional grooming services as per your request

Fleas found on your dog

De-Matting charge

Any damage to the salon as a result of your pet

We take payment via cash or card upon collection of your dog at the end of your appointment.


Monsters and Co. will not be held responsible for any loss of personal items during the appointment  


Your personal details and your pet's records are held in confidential by us and only be shared upon your request.


Upon collection of your pet, we will inform you of any problems we may have encountered during the groom, if any, and/or concerns we may have in regards to your pet's health and welfare.


We appreciate your honesty and always welcome any feedback you may have of you and your pet's experience in the salon. If you are unsatisfied with your groom in any way, please let us know within 48 hours, preferably before you leave in order for us to conduct any changes there and then or have it noted down for your pet's future appointments.


We kindly ask that you contact us via email or contact number if you wish to file a complaint so that we may solve any disagreements/conflicts privately.


We often take photographs before and after your pet's groom to show as examples of our work and for promotional purposes on our social media. If you do not wish for us to use any of your dog's photographs, please inform us upon checking your dog in. 


Our salon opening hours may differ each day as we are only open by appointments. 


It is best to give us a call or send us an email to avoid any disappointment.

You are agreeing to and accepting our terms and conditions by having your dog groomed with us. Please have a thorough read when booking in your dog. 

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