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Welcome to Monsters and Co.!


My name is Abby and I am merely the "hands" of Monsters and Co. The real founders are my little monsters: Bobo, MuiMui, Milano, MooMoo and Miku!

Monsters and Co. was created in 2018 to provide fun products for you and your little monsters. This little business started in my living room when I dug out my old sewing machine to make little accessories for my little monsters. This obsession led to the brand you know now!​

Being a graduate with a fashion design degree, I know how much waste the fashion industry can create. When creating Monsters and Co, one of the most important thing I wanted to do was to keep our wastes at a minimum. Every product we make are made with 100% eco-friendly fabrics and none of it goes to waste. Even our packaging are 100% recyclable! Saving the Earth never looked so good! 🌏

I love my schnauzers, Bobo and Mui Mui, and have always groomed them myself when I had the chance...but I never really studied it. So in 2020 I decided I want to take the plunge, train to be a dog groomer and expand my little pets business! During my training with Dog's Delight London, I learned the skill of hand stripping and having schnauzers myself, I really wish I learned about it earlier. I just fell in love with the art of it and oddly...I find the process so relaxing and satisfying! I gained my level 2 and 3 city and guilds qualifications in August of 2020 and have been grooming ever since - Best decision ever!! 


With the support and encouragement of my amazing friends, family, and mentors, I was able to open my own little salon in 2021 in Muswell Hill, London. Located right on a parkland walk in between Alexandra Park and High Gate Woods and right next to an amazing Doggy Daycare, the Wag Club! From there I was able to continue my dog grooming journey while also being able to sell my accessories both in store and online! I couldn't be more grateful and can't wait to see where Monsters and Co. will be in 10 years time!


From one animal lover to another, thank you so sooo much for stopping by!

Abby & the Monsters 

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